Cosmetic Dentistry

If you’re looking for a great cosmetic dentist, call us in Honolulu

Would you like your teeth to be whiter? Do you have a discolored or broken tooth that you’d like to have repaired? 
For a smile you’ll love, turn to the dental practice of Michael C. Izumi DDS today!

Teeth whitening

Whitening your teeth can make an incredible difference in your appearance, and perhaps even your self-confidence. You could find yourself smiling much, much more often with whiter, brighter teeth!

Our dental practice offers professional teeth whitening services that are easy to complete and surprisingly affordable. And with us, you’ll receive long-lasting whitening results that won’t harm your teeth.

Bonding and veneers

Whether you have a tooth that was damaged in an accident, or one that’s become discolored through decay, our practice may be able to improve its appearance with dental bonding or veneers.

The first step to finding out if bondings or veneers is the right step for you is to arrange for an appointment with our dental practice. We’re waiting to help you achieve a beautiful, healthy smile!
A dentist handing a child a new toothbrush

Complete smile makeovers!

Few people are born with a perfect smile. Fortunately, today’s state-of-the-art dental procedures give you options to improve your appearance.

Whether you need tooth restoration, veneers or teeth whitening services, our dental practice is ready to help. Contact our office today to get started!
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